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Not all customers are identical... Why should their loans be?

Real Estate Loans

Baltic State Bank Real Estate loans are designed to be flexible to put you in the best financial position. Unlike others lenders, we want you to pay off your loan as quickly as possible.

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No prepayment penalty

Competitive interest rates

No restriction on the payment amount

No restriction on how often you can pay

Our loans are kept in-house, not sold on the secondary market

What are the rates?

  • We don't publish our loan rates! Why? Because shopping for rate doesn't tell the whole picture! Rate is only one piece of the puzzle when determining the true cost of a loan. Loans have other variables like closing fees, prepayment penalties, etc. that may make lower rate less attractive.

  • At Baltic State Bank, fees aren't a money maker. The fees we charge cover our costs and the time it takes to prepare your loan.

  • The best way to evaluate our loan options is to setup an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable lenders who can explain the benefits of a Baltic State Bank Loan.

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Check Out Our Rates

Unlock exceptional banking rates tailored to your needs. At Baltic State Bank, we strive to offer competitive rates that maximize your savings and financial growth. Explore our range of products and enjoy the benefits of banking with us.

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