Our communities thrive when our businesses thrive. Let's thrive together.

Baltic Bank's business is lending money to local businesses like yours. Community banks exist by the grace and patronage of the residents of the communities they serve. Baltic Bank has been a part of Baltic, Sugarcreek, New Bedford and surrounding areas for years. During that time, it has been our mission to fund the businesses, dreams, and lives of our fellow citizens. We invite you to reach out to us about your business and mission so that we can work together to develop loan and credit solutions that contribute to your success.

We hope you are excited because we are!

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Baltic Business Loans and Credit Options:

  • Ag Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Equipment Loans
  • Real Estate and Commercial Property  Loans
  • Operating Loans
  • Loans not listed that you want to discuss, we do those, too.


  • Flexibility on terms, rates, and types. Let's talk about it and figure it out together.
  • Practicality and great listening skills.
  • A local understanding and concern for the success of your business.
  • Experienced and accessible lenders.
  • You and your loans are kept at Baltic Bank and cared for and serviced at Baltic Bank for the life of the loan. As the old saying goes, "Once a Baltic Bank loan, always a Baltic Bank loan."
  • As always, our friendly Baltic Bank service.

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(330) 897-6401

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(844) 447-6287

Online Banking Help Desk:

(888) 528-8540

After Hours Lost/Stolen Cards:

(800) 472-3272


Real Estate Loans

We offer flexible real estate loans that are designed to put you in the best financial position.

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