More Exciting Changes Coming in June!

Baltic State Bank has some exciting changes in the works for this year. If you haven’t been in our Baltic Office lately, you may not know that we have completely renovated this facility. We will be having a grand reopening ceremony on March 26th from 5-7. We invite you to stop in and see this wonderful transformation.

In June of this year, we will be changing our banking system. This will entail a change of our core banking system as well as online and mobile banking and our ATM’s. Our goal in doing this is to upgrade the products and services that we can provide to you.

What is a core system? Why are we upgrading?

The core system is the software that runs our bank. We use it to open and manage accounts, service loans, process deposits and withdrawals, and maintain your information. In an effort to provide the products and service customers require both today and in the future, we have decided to upgrade this system.

What is changing?

Most changes will be transparent. For instance, you will keep your same account numbers for both deposits and loans and your existing checks and deposit tickets will work the same. There are some changes that you will want to be aware of though:

  • Real time transactions and balances – we will be moving to a system that processes transactions in real-time. That means you can make a deposit in a branch or over the phone, immediately use those funds with your debit card, then sign in to your mobile phone and see the charge deducted from your balance on your way out of the store!
  • New debit card – all current debit card customers will receive a new card in late May. As part of this change our cards will be changing from MasterCard to Visa, and will have new card numbers and expiration dates
  • New online banking/mobile banking – these systems will be updated to show real-time activity, enable you to opt-in to receive e-statements and provide seamless and customizable view between online and mobile
  • Some account terms, types and statement cycles – we will be phasing out old products that we no longer offer and moving those to current products, as well as changing some statement cycles. Please keep an eye out for further communications from us on this.

Our new system will allow us to operate more efficiently, and give customers greater visibility into balances and transactions, and more capabilities to manage their accounts and access important information when and where they want to. Existing customers will be able to open new accounts.

What do I need to do?

Continue to be on the lookout for additional communication. We will be providing much more information over the next few months in statements, mailings, our Facebook page and our website (address).

As always, feel free to contact our office with any questions.


Thomas E. Gerber
Baltic State Bank President


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